the Warning comes every year, but it makes it no less useful.

once Again, it is important to remember the tax rules, if you’re one of the hard-working danes who can look forward to getting a christmas gift from his boss.

If you are not careful, it can become an expensive affair.

The typing of Finance, recalling that a christmas gift is only tax free if the maximum has cost 800 dollars – if the gift is more expensive than it, you must pay tax on the excess amount.

It will say, then, that if you have a merciful and juleelskende boss, who tries to be extra generous this year, you should remember that you can even end up with a tax bill.


If the boss gives a gift card for christmas, it may even go wrong long before the infamous 800 crowns.

most gift card can not be given tax-free and therefore triggers a bill from the tax administration.

the audit firm BDO has, for example, according to the Finance experienced, that a gift of just 50 dollars have subsequently been taxed.

Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to avoid the tax bill, if your boss will give you a gift card.

You just need to get him or her to choose a gift card, where you can choose between a variety of products, which are selected by the employer.

As ekstrainfo can be told that the same is true when it comes to smartboxes or certificate to certain restaurants or similar.

Donations are always taxable, so there is no tricks to get rid of the bill.