Two men remain in prison in the case of the killing of radio host and eksbandefigur Nedim Yasar.

the Prosecution, abandon the prosecution against the two men in the case on the murder of radio host Nedim Yasar, informs the prosecutor Jens Andersen from the Copenhagen Police.

Yasar was shot in the head at point-blank range as he sat in his car after a bogreception at Hejrevej in Copenhagen’s Northwest area the 19. november 2018.

One of the two has previously been jailed in the case, but was released back in the beginning of February. The second man tried the prosecutor’s office in January to get custody, but the court would not go to at the time.

Two other men are still being imprisoned and charged in the case. They can look forward to a trial the 20. January, where, at the Court of Frederiksberg has scheduled a total of ten days.

What they are being accused of, remains to be seen. Although the hearings are scheduled, so has the prosecutor not been indicted in the case yet, as it still is under investigation.

defense attorney Lone Damgaard represents the youngest of the two, which is now regarded as frifundne in the case.

He 23 years and are linked to rockergruppen Satudarah. He reached to sit in custody for two months, in the prosecution of its own motion, chose to release him 7. February.

– I am not surprised that there has been a påtaleopgivelse, but I have surprised that it has taken so long, sounds from the Lone Damgaard.

At a court hearing prior to the release of the 23-year-old chose the prosecution to adjust the charges against him. From having been charged with the manslaughter was the charge amended to contributing to the killing – and a few weeks after he was so released.

Lone Damgaard call it “deep criticism”, that the prosecution has been so long to reach, that there is nothing to come after in relation to her client.

– There is de facto not made any investigation against my client, since he was released, she says.

The other man, whose case the prosecution has chosen to let fall, is a 35-year-old man previously convicted of having attempted to kill a man in front of a gym on the Islevdalvej in Rødovre. Drabsforsøget happened back in 2007.

The 35-year-old has previously been linked to the rockergruppen the Bandidos.

It was a continuation of a bogreception for journalist Marie Louise Toksvigs book “Roots” about Nedim Yasar, that the killing happened. Yasar was among Toksvigs co-host on the program “Politiradio” on Radio24Syv.

Nedim Yasar was 31 years old.