the Danes have taken many american traditions, and udsalgsdagen Black Friday is one of them.

But with the well-known Danish furniture company Sofacompany (formerly Sofakompagniet, red.) if one has chosen a different approach.

‘In cooperation with the organization Trees for the Future plants Sofacompany trees instead of giving discounts,” reads as follows, inter alia, in a press release.

Sofacompanys goal is to become a leader in sustainability, within a few get. It will among other things do to change people’s consumption habits.

There will be sold five trees planted in Kenya for each sold piece of furniture in cooperation with Trees for the Future.

‘In protest against Black Friday increases the the now the number to 50 trees up to 1. december,’ writes Sofacompany

Already before the end of 2020 has Sofacompany set itself a goal to plant over 250,000 trees.

Managing director Henrik Andersen believes that there is too much warm, the sustainability of the air. He believes that there are many, as in the Mariobet degree do not put action behind the words, when it comes to sustainability.

the Director believe that their initiative can help to create ripples in the water, so other danes make the right requirements for the other brands, as they are acting in.

“It goes strong with the Sofacompany. We asfalterer, while we are running, when it comes to sustainability. And we are not afraid to say out loud that we are far from the goal of becoming a leader in the field within a few years,” he says, and continues:

“that is Precisely why we feel also obliged to go against the phenomena such as Black Friday and artificially inflated prices with the corresponding artificial discounts. We believe that because we are talking out loud about sustainability and put action behind the words, we challenge both ourselves and other companies to do more faster.”