Krystal Eve Browitt, a 21-year-old australian from Melbourne, visited the island together with his family.

Her father, Paul, and her sister Stephanie are both in the hospital with serious injuries after the violent outbreak, which has now claimed the lives of 15 people and sent 20 others to the hospital with serious burns.

Friends and families have already published the names of the deceased, but with the release of Crystal Eve Browitts name is it the first time, the police officially confirming the identity of one of the volcano’s death toll.

the Police report that she died at the hospital in the Waikato.

Although there is still a 50 percent chance of a new outbreak, became specialists on Friday sent to the island to look for the deceased. Wearing special suits and oxygen apparatus, rescued the six corpses, but the authorities have a presumption that there still is late on the island.

on Saturday, divers were sent down in the water around the island to look after the corpse. Due to the volcanic eruption is the visibility down to between zero and two meters.

the Water is so polluted from the volcanic eruption, that the divers must wear special suits, and every time they come up to the surface, they are cleaned with fresh water.

the Divers reported that the around the island have seen a large number of dead fish and eels wash ashore.

Out of the 47 people who were on the island when the volcano erupted, 24 from Australia, nine from the UNITED states, four from New Zealand, four from Germany, two from China, two from England and one from Malaysia.

the Police gather now information about the possible victims, such as clothing, photographs, fingerprints, and anything else that can be used to identify the dead.

the Police have previously released the names of a number of missing: 53-year-old Gavin Dallow, his 15-year-old stepdaughter Zoe Hosking, 47-year-old Julie Richards, her 20-year-old daughter Jessica, the couple Richard Elzer and Karla Mathews, who are both 32, and the tour-guides Hayden Marshall-Inman and Tipene Maangi.