Review of revisions since 2012 shows several cases of poor control of the payout of billions.

at Least seven government agencies, in addition to the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse, has been criticized by The auditor general for poor control of the payout of billions of dollars.

It writes Politiken, which has undergone Rigsrevisionens audits of the state accounts since 2012.

Thus the security vulnerability, which has so far claimed the lives of two leading figures in the Defence of their posts, also been applied in a number of other agencies.

In several cases, have the same employees alone had the ability to approve payments, without others in the multi-agency was inundated.

According to the auditor general Lone Strøm, there has been “an increased risk of fraud” in each of the seven authorities.

– the Requirement for segregation of duties helps to minimize the risk of fraud by ensuring that a minimum of two employees must be involved in a payment before it is released, writes the Lone Power in a response to Politiken.

In the Danish Agency for Labour market and Recruitment has the “one employee been able to make withdrawals only”. It concluded Office of the auditor general in august.

the Payouts are conducted from a pool of 17 billion dollars spread over four ministries.

There are not found errors in payments, but “the employee used user profiles and passwords, which were created in the colleagues ‘names’, after the committee had formally tried to change the practice.

In the Ministry of foreign affairs “has 463 current and resigned employees had unauthorized access to to approve the financial arrangements in relation to the daily operation and development aid”, concludes the national audit Office.

In NaturErhvervstyrelsen has nine employees able to “approve payments to themselves” in the form of, among other things, overtime and lost days off.

In total was paid for of 610,000 euros.

That the bad checks with the payouts, apparently, is true for a large number of boards do not come behind in statsrevisor Frank Aaen (EL).

– It is the suspicion that we have had from the beginning of the case. It turns out that the overall the new port facilities are from the ministry of Defence does not contain a requirement that there should be four eyes looking at a case before it goes to the payout, he says.