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the Police on Thursday night have been strong in numbers present in Herlev, and in the middle of the evening promises a little bit of the veil of what is happening.

On Twitter writes, Copenhagen is Ranked the Police that several persons have been arrested.

– I can confirm that we are present in Herlev, but more I can not say, said vagtchef Morten Steen at Copenhagen is Ranked the Police earlier Thursday evening.

– Have the action something Gencobahis with Tuesday’s escape in Slagelse to make?

– I can neither confirm nor deny anything at this time, it sounded from the vagtchefen.

Article continues below pictures …

Photo: Kenneth Meyer

Photo: Kenneth Meyer
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Multiple sources write to Ekstra Bladet, that there has been kampklædt police presence and a helicopter in the air.

There has in the past been shootouts in the area by the Persillehaven in Herlev. Among other things, in 2015, where a man was shot in a bandeopgør.

According to Extra Magazine’s man on the spot, two persons have been arrested in the action. Images show that there is a car window smashed on a Mini Cooper, parked at the site.

On the photos you can see two people lying on the ground between a group of police officers. Vagtchefen confirms late Thursday night on Twitter that there are ‘several arrested in Perth’.

the Arrests happening according to police, after prolonged investigations, where the Special Investigation East (SEØ, red) also have been inundated.

SEØ is a special unit, especially dealing with organized and transnational crime.

the 112 – 7. aug. The 2015 kl. 14:20 Charged in gang-shootouts: Required convicted for the brutal rape

the 112 – 12. mar. The 2015 kl. 20:22 Witness to the skuddrama in the night: He cried, my brother, my brother