Partistifter Uffe Elbæk, draws himself as the leader of the Alternative. Mp looks Nordqvist as the new leader.

Mp Sikandar Siddique from the Alternative points on the Rasmus Nordqvist as the new leader.

on Monday afternoon announced partistifter Uffe Elbæk, that he withdraw as a manager from February. He will continue as an mp after it.

Elbæk refuses to point to a customer, and hope instead of a handful of candidates, but Sikandar Siddique does not hold back.

I am convinced that the man who with great wisdom and success has been the Alternative in his first finanslovsaftale and climate change is the natural new leader for the Alternative. I’m talking of course about the Rasmus Nordqvist, he writes on Twitter.

Uffe Elbæk got the idea to found the party in 2013 on a street corner in copenhagen, and on Monday he announced six and a half years after same place that he draws himself as a leader.

the Party got in the 2015 nine mandates, as the Alternative stood for election for the first time. Ago followed a series of less fortunate cases for the party, and the support fell.

the By-election in June of this year had the lot only to have five mandates.

the Rasmus Nordqvist was elected in 2015, because the Alternative was a good choice, and established himself as one of the profiles in the party. Elbæk believes that he will be a good bet for a new leader. But he refuses to point to him.

– I am quite sure that he will be absolutely suitable. But I don’t know if he will. If I can throw magic dust in addition to the process, so I hope that there will be a four-or five candidates, so we will have some debates.

Question: Will the Nordqvist be your personal favorite?

– no, No, no, no. Or yes, yes, yes. I know that you are going to interpret it here, from here and up to the sky. I will not comment on who is my favorite.

– If a party leader pointing to the crown prince or the crown princess, is it the same as dødskysset, says Elbæk.

in Addition to the three consists leadership of Torsten Gejl and Susanne Zimmer.