Swedish police moved Monday night to an address in Malmö, where a man with skudskader was found.

A young man is on Monday night had been shot in the Swedish city of Malmö.

He has subsequently died.

this was stated by The Swedish police in a press release.

– Several people phoned emergency Galabet services and reported that they had heard gunfire in the Professorsgatan. More patrols drove out to the address, and here they found a man with skudskader, says the press release.

According to the Region of Skane there is a man in the middle of 20’s. He was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, where he later died.

Police were notified about the incident in the southern part of Malmö at 19.25.

Malmö has the most recent time had big problems with shootings related to gang neighborhoods of north west in the southern Swedish town.

The escalating gang-related conflict has also put pressure on the socialist Swedish prime minister, Stefan Löfven and his government.

last week criticised parts of the Löfvens municipal hinterland him and his partner, Miljöpartiet, refugee issues.

the Police have not arrested anyone in the case, but is Monday night started with the initial investigation of the killing.