Copenhagen Municipality has received the services paid for.

But who lack the writing requirements in the contracts, oral agreements.

So the short conclusion can the Municipality of Copenhagen’s just published survey of its procurement of legal representation of the reader up.

the Investigation was launched after B. T. since april of 2019 has identified the municipality’s use of the lawyer Anders Valentiner-Branth, who in three years got the tasks for the 14.8 million without any written agreements and according to experts, contrary to udbudsloven.

All agreements with the lawyer are made orally, like B. T. has uncovered how Anders Valentiner-Branth got 800.000 dollars in fees based on a secret framework agreement, where all timeafregninger subsequently was made orally.

the Municipality has several times regretted the lack of writing requirements, and when B. T. in July 2019 asked for two identical invoices in the case – sent to two different departments and with different amounts – selected then a temp at the post as technology and environment mayor, Karina Vestergaard Madsen (EL) to require a study.

concrete Engineering and environmental management taken 54 invoices out to scrutiny by several law firms, as management has to be used from 2016 to mid-2019, including advokatfirmaerne Nielsen Nørager, Horten and Bech-Bruun.

Subsequently, the management asked the responsible managers, if everything is by the book, which they then have the answer, it is.

a press release issued by the management on Wednesday, it appears that the technical and environmental administration on the one hand received the services it paid for, and partly to fakturateksten is in accordance with the agreed performance.

in Addition, all invoices – with two exceptions – paid within the same accounting period in which the benefit is delivered.

However, acknowledges the management, that it is not sufficiently documented oral agreements with external lawyers.

“the Survey shows, unfortunately, that we in the technical and environmental committee has had a general challenge with the memo – and journaliseringspligten, when we order the services. We should be better to write what we agreements with the lawyers and the erp agreement. We take this seriously, and we are in full swing to fix up,” says the managing director of Technique and environment department Søren Wille in the press release.

back in august, which tightened up the administration’s procedure in connection with ordering of a lawyer.

The internal investigation has been divided in two. Previously the management lamented that Anders Valentiner-Branth got an advance of 100,000 crowns paid by the municipality. An advance, as the legal officer Malene Møller Ruzskai secured the lawyer. She plays, according to documents a central role in relation to hiring the lawyer.

the technical and environmental administration maintain that the procurement rules are complied with in connection with the municipality’s procurement of a lawyer from Anders Valentiner-Branth.