During the visit to the Labour stronghold in the North of england promises the conservative prime minister, to brexit-drama will soon be over.

The british parliament will vote on the brexit treaty, which the conservative prime minister, Boris Johnson has signed with the EU, before christmas.

said Johnson to supporters Saturday during a visit in the north of England.

It is in this part of the country, that The Conservative Party at the election on Thursday made inroads in constituencies where Labour has traditionally been strong.

– We will get brexit done, says Johnson to the conservative party supports, in Sedgefield in the north east of England. It is one of the constituencies that switched from Labour to The Conservatives.

It is a constituency that previously gave the election to Labour prime minister Tony Blair.

Johnson shouts inquiring out to the crowd, in what state the brexit-the agreement is.

out of the box, yell the fans back.

– We have 100 percent support (from the conservative lawmakers) to the agreement, the equivalent of Johnson.

– We can get it ordered before christmas.

After The Conservative big election victory, which has secured them a comfortable absolute majority, thus, it is almost a given that the Uk is out of EU before 31. January.

It comes after an elongated course, where parliament several times has voted down a brexit solution.

During his visit in the north of England promises Johnson that he will lead a “one-nation”government. In other words, that he will try to make The Conservative Party into a broad people’s party, with appeal to midterv├Žlgere.

He has therefore promised to invest massively in the public health service, the NHS and scrap the austerity policy, which the conservatives have been in over 10 years.

Johnson tells in Sedgefield, that the elections “have changed our country’s future”.

Labour had a katastrofevalg. The party lost 59 seats and ended up with just to get the 203 candidates selected.

It is the worst result for the party since the mid-1930s.

the Party’s chairman, Jeremy Corbyn, said on election night that he did not intend to lead the party in the future.