Since the two small children were found abandoned on the streets of Aarhus during the weekend, police have been bestormet of velmenene citizens, who would like to adopt the children.

“the Phones have ignite in the course of the weekend. Citizens have both approached with tips but also with caring thoughts.”

It says Jacob Christiansen, who is the press officer with the east Jutland Police.

Jacob Christiansen explains that the caring thoughts in particular has gone on that people have offered to adopt the two small children, who police shot to be, respectively, one and two and a half years old.

the Pressure on the police phone lines were Sunday east Jutland Police to write out on Twitter and Facebook with a call for citizens only addressed, if they can help with finding the children’s families.

the Kids are right now in the social authorities ‘ custody, writes the east Jutland Police on Twitter, where there will be taken care of them.

And more citizens have also been calling in with suggestions for precisely how the social authorities should take care of them, explains Jacob Christiansen.

“We interpret it as, that people have interested himself much for the case, but it is not the police, who take the decision about where they should be, and what should be done with them,” he says.

so far, It has not been possible to communicate with the children, but the police’s latest theory about the children’s origins is that they were supposed to be from Afghanistan.

Police are working right now from a suspicion that the children have come to Denmark together with the persons who are staying illegally in the country, writes the police on Monday morning in a press release.

Police have arrested a person, while the other two are in detention.

the Characters must for questioning, and police hope through them to find out how the two small children ended up to be surviving on the street in Aarhus.