Thousands of danes in the upcoming week, a little taste of christmas eve, when they receive a christmas gift from their employer.

the particular get button six out of ten danes are handed a gift by the employer – and it costs an average of 513 dollars.

It writes the, on the basis of an analysis, as YouGov has carried out for Gavefabrikken.

Gavefabrikken is Denmark’s largest provider of firmajulegaver, and the giving over of Financial insight in what it is, the employees most often choose when they need to have a gift by the employer.

Among the many different gifts you can choose in Gavefabrikkens catalog, the following are the most popular – in order of priority:

Arne Jacobsen AJ8 Bellevue-lampeTobias Jacobsen bluetooth højttalerOriginal Italian pizzaovnStort Holmegaard-glassæt with 18 glasGavefabrikkens big juleæske with bubbles, wine and chocolate

According to Nikolai Kiim, which is the owner and director of development at Gavefabrikken, explains that the time a bit is from the classic gift boxes with coffee, wine, sweets and pastries.

“We still sell the classic julekurv with wine and chocolate, but we sell fewer and fewer each year,” says Nikolai Kiim to

“I think it is because people like to have something long-lasting in the form of, for example, some of the older design classics.”