On the evening of 4. december heard the eight-year-old Alyssa LeMay a variety of strange sounds, followed by music from the horror film ’Insidious’, while she was in her room in Mississippi, USA.

Shortly after rungede a clear voice in the room: “Hello with you.”

The little girl was confused. Looked around. Asked a bit uncertain out in the room: “Who is it?”

Then continued the voice, speaking to the eight-year-old Alyssa.

First tried the voice to get her to repeat a racist expression, and when the girl did not, began the voice to encourage her to behave badly.

“I’m your best friend. You can do just what you want right now. You can mess in your room. You can smash your tv,” said the voice.

Alyssa became more and more uncomfortable and said: “I do not know who you are.” Then she called to her mother.

the Scene with gysermusikken and the mysterious voice is on a overvågningsvideo from the room.

the Video is recent days been the subject of numerous articles around the world. Among other things, in the Washington Post.

the Voice came from the family’s new surveillance camera – a so-called Ring-camera, which Amazon sells. The family had bought the camera on Black Friday for a good price and hung up in the children’s room.

A hacker had gained access to the camera and was starting to talk to the child through it.

“I can’t explain with words how bad I have it, and how bad my kids have it,” says Ashley LeMay, the mother of eight-year-old Alyssa Lemay, the Washington Post:

“I ended up doing the exact opposite of to enhance safety. I exposed them to danger, and I can do nothing to reassure them. I can’t tell them who it is. I can’t guarantee you that there are not suddenly any up at our house in the middle of the night.”

the Case comes in the wake of similar cases with Ring cameras.

In just one week, has several addresses in everything from Cape Coral to Texas experienced, that some hacker off on their Ring-camera and begins to talk out through it.

In one case, call the voice a small boy for ’a monkey’.

A spokesperson from the Ring rejects, however, the staunch opposite to the Washington Post that the incident with the hacker has something with the Rings of security that make, but it points out that the attacker has gained access via other systems.

A similar response met the company Ashley LeMay, when she began to seek answers on what it really was, had happened.

They have several times said to her that she had not set up the camera with the tightest security settings.

“That they will continue to provide customers with the same standard answers, gives the impression that they are not worried at all. It feels honest, as if they are trying to give me the blame,” says Ashlynn LeMay.