Hardy Overgaard did not believe his own eyes, as a muscular man of about 180-190 centimeters got out of his car and almost ran towards Hardy’s car with an aggressive appearance.

a Few seconds after he stood in front of Hardy’s window, clenched his fist and struck with violent force at the car window, it almost rungede in the whole of the small Peugeot 208.

the 70-year-old Hardy pressed immediately on the accelerator and drove without about the man and his car, but it should prove that the pensioner in the nightmare was not over.

It all started a few minutes earlier when Hardy on the way home from my bf’s work drove towards his residence in Thiruvananthapuram a late aftentime on Saturday.

Together with his thai girlfriend, he came running at Highway 12, since from the left suddenly came a motorist whizzing by.

“There is a traffic island, and you must not overtake there, so I says to my girlfriend: ‘There must he kraftedeme not run’. I got a hell of a shock,” says Hardy Overgaard to B. T.

When the other driver again merged into after overhalingen, gave Hardy him two to three flashes to tell, that it was not an acceptable drive, but that he should not have done.

Suddenly braked strongly, and the same was Hardy have to do.

Then went the man – as Hardy describes as being about 30 to 40 years old – out and struck with a clenched fist against the pensioner in the car window.

Hardy speeded-up up, ran around the aggressive man and drove away in a hurry with the hope that he will now be able to run quietly home to London with his shocked girlfriend.

But it was just her who could suddenly tell Hardy, that the man in the other car is not thought that a punched was enough.

“treasure, Treasure, he comes back,” fremstammede she from the passenger seat.

And quite true.

This time, drove the man up on the side of the Hardy and tried to run him out against the ditch to the right, but luckily you get the pensioner slowed up.

“‘What the hell do we do now?’, I’m thinking, but then I get slowed down and comes over on his left side, as I also hit a little. Fortunately, he stops almost up afterwards, so I say to my wife that she should call 112,” says Hardy.

Later in the evening bore the Hardy report to the South Jutland Police, there are also over for JydskeVestkysten confirm that they have received a notification, but unfortunately had the 70-year-old man has not reached to get note of the license plate down.

today is Hardy appalled by the fact that running such drivers around on the Danish roads.

“I can not, that is such a sick man that is running around. It could have gone violently wrong, so he must away from the roadway,” says Hardy, who also tells that he is not particularly happy to drive out on the road after Saturday’s experience.

In the beginning of december released GF Fund an analysis, prepared by YouGov, which showed that vejvrede in Denmark is a growing phenomenon.

the Investigation shows, among other things, that the proportion of road users who, within the recent years have seen vejvrede, has increased from 55 percent to 63 percent. At the same time, well every tenth of the surveyed road users in 2019 been exposed to vejvrede one or more times a month.