Police in Berlin evacuated Saturday evening at the christmas market on Breitscheidplatz, which three years ago was hit by an attack that claimed the lives of 12 people.

Berlin police wrote shortly before o’clock 20.30 on Twitter, that it had to ‘examine any suspicious object.’

But after a two-hour long police operation could be alarm afblæses. There is not found any suspicious items, police said, according to the newspapers Bild and Tagesspiegel.

Two men ‘suspiciously quickly left the square,’ is arrested, notify the police in a briefing at the site. It writes That the Tagesspiegel.

There is no immediate information about the two arrested or their nationality.

Several media write that the two arrested are syrians, but it is unclear where this information originated. It is not confirmed by the police.

the Armed police were present in large numbers, and police with dogs were on Saturday night on the way to the spot, writes the Berliner Zeitung.

the Christmas market located at the Memorial church, one of the city’s most famous landmark.

It was at this christmas market, located right next to the church, that a man three years ago drove a truck into the christmas market and killed 12 people. Several others were wounded in the attack.

the Offender, tuneseren Anis Amri, was shot and killed by Italian police, after he had fled to Italy.

Saturday night had a christmas concert in the church is interrupted due to politialarmen outside, writes culture guide Bild.

All visitors to the christmas market and in the church, left the place in peace and order, police on Twitter.

Parts of the train traffic at the station Zoologischer Garten Berlin was temporarily halted, while politiaktionen stood on.