– There is not much to it before it can go wrong, warns a senior physician in connection with the theft of hazardous substances.

Highly dangerous drugs used to anaesthetise patients, is the night of Friday been stolen from Svendborg Hospital.

the Medication can be fatal, warns both the police and leading senior physician at Odense university Hospital (OUH) Henrik Stougaard.

– In the wrong hands it is fatal. These are substances that must be handled correctly, says Henrik Stougaard.

It was the hospital’s staff on Friday morning discovered a “relatively large amount” dangerous drug was missing. Therefore, the beat to alarm to the police.

– There are three different types of medicine, says Henrik Stougaard.

– This one is strong, morfinlignende substances. The second is the muscle relaxant drugs used to paralyze the muscles and, therefore, liable to be shut down for breathing with. The last is hjertestimulerende substances, he explains.

All three types of medications used to immobilize patients.

– There must not be much to it before it can go wrong. It applies to all substances, says Henrik Stougaard.

the Medicine is a liquid, and stored in ampoules. It is given to patients intravenously. It will say that it is injected into a person’s vein.

It has not happened before, that the hospital has experienced a similar theft. Therefore, there will now be looked at, if there must be changed something on the spot.

– We are looking at safety going forward, ” says Henrik Stougaard.

The Police have sent a patrol to the town of Svendborg, where the cops warn about the medicine in, among other things misbrugsmiljøet.

– If you come in possession of the stolen medication, it must of course be delivered as soon as possible to us or in the hospital, write the Funen Police on Twitter.