two days ago was a woman and her three children, seven, four and one year found livsløse in the cold seawater at the Norwegian Tromsø.

the Woman and the oldest child did not survive – and then the woman, who was in the 20’s, been investigated for murder and attempted murder of her own children.

the Case has affected the friends of the family deeply. It explains the friend of Ahmad Idris to the Norwegian media, a daily Newspaper, where he tells that the whole of the sudanese environment – as the family is part of – is affected.

“When I got the message yesterday (Monday, ed.) it was very hard and sad. I could not fall asleep. I cried so much. As the others also did. Women, children and men, who live here, crying. We have received messages from people from all over the country,” he says.

For Norwegian TV 2 tells another friend of the family – Adam Abdelaziz – that the tragic incident came as a shock, and no one knows why it happened.

He goes on to explain that the father of the family, who had not been present when it happened, has it hard.

“When he came home from work, there was no one at home. So he went out to look, but found them not. He also contacted the neighbor, but they weren’t there. He went first, something to know, when the police knocked on the door,” says Adam Abdelaziz.

He says that he has been in contact with the father, which right now is in Oslo, where his two youngest children – two girls – is in the hospital Rikshospitalet.

“I don’t know how he should manage to live on. I hope that the other two children are healthy and can live life on with him,” says Ahmad Idris to the Norwegian TV 2.

Both men describe the family as a good family, who seemed to have it well together.

At a news conference on Tuesday, informed the prosecutor Gøril Lund, Tromsø, politidistrikt, that the case was changed from a ‘undersøgelsessag’ to a ‘criminal’, as one investigator of the deceased woman for murder and attempted murder of her three children.

the Children’s father has made statements to the police – and he has status as a witness.

The Norwegian police got 17.28 Monday, an emergency call from a passer-by, who had observed a pram, and which could see the footprints down to the water Tromsø. In the shallows were several objects – among other boots.

When police arrived to the area Fagereng in Tromsø, found the four lifeless persons in the sea. Two of them – the woman and the oldest child did not survive.

It is not indicated how long the woman and the girls had been in the water.