Bayern Munich is on Saturday SC Freiburg in the 1. Football-Bundesliga. At the last round of the FC Bayern developed with a victory of his table edge, and thus to 30. The championship title is secured. For Bayern, it goes in the game against SC Freiburg, only for the honor, for the Freiburg stands much more on the game: you still have chances of qualifying for the Europa League and would come with a victory in the European Cup a little closer. However, the FC Bayern this Chance?

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Saturday, 15.30 kick-off of the match FC Bayern München against SC Freiburg. The game can be followed live from Munich’s Allianz Arena in the Sky. The Pay-TV channel showing the game exclusively in full-length.

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Freiburg before the encounter with FC Bayern optimistic

Celebration mood at FC Bayern München after the eighth championship is secured in a row. Recently, the Bayern showed in each game, consider, and let not a Moment elapse, to demonstrate this to your opponents. Whether against Leverkusen, Düsseldorf or Eintracht Frankfurt – FC Bayern his opponents swept in the last few weeks, the only way from the place. Nevertheless, the SC Freiburg is confident in the game on Saturday: “in Munich scorer Nils Petersen is possible,” said Freiburg. “Maybe Bayern will have a couple of Party-days behind – then we have a Chance.”

But the Bavarians could not make it to Freiburg. After all, the Red-and-White have lost this year, still not a single game. Only the Leipzig could be a draw off. But now it’s not working for Bayern to score points – a good opportunity for coach Hansi Flick (according to the Numbers of the best coach of all time), to send a couple of inexperienced players on the field. And for the SC Freiburg the Chance to solve a Ticket for the Europa League. After all, it looked in the first leg, really good for Freiburg: Up to 90. Minute of the game seemed to have the game on a tie to walk out, and only in injury time to Freiburg, had to accept two goals against. You can keep this time the nerves?

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