With only a few minutes beat the police to the comprehensive terrorist attack in several locations in the country on Saturday.

It came forward, as eight of those arrested were produced in grundlovsforhør in Copenhagen city Court on Thursday.

Here was anholdelsestidspunktet for manufactured, namely, read out in court, and with the exception of one they were all arrested between the hours of 12.41 and 12.51 Wednesday – in just 10 minutes.

And the witnesses according to the former operative head of PET, Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, that you probably have watched each and every one in the run-up to the anholdelsestidspunktet.

“It is an expression of the fact that you have been fully aware of what the individual did in that moment, you have been able to turn to at the same time in all places,” he says to B. T.

According to the Copenhagen Police was the comprehensive action taken “several places” in the country, but according to B. T.’s information, it was both in Aalborg, the Copenhagen area, including the Count, Brønshøj, Valby, copenhagen, and Herlev, as well as Munkebo on Funen, that the action took place.

In total, 22 persons were arrested, of which nine of them were produced in grundlovsforhør.

The eight in the Copenhagen city Court, while a final was produced in the Court in Odense.