For many, it has not the big importance to win mandelgaven christmas eve. In return, we will enormously like to find mandlen.

More exactly, it is only every fifth dane, who seems mandelgaven is important, while almost every third believes that it is decidedly superfluous.

To contrast each other, to the actual hunt on the mandlen in the classic “risalamande” is important, according to a new survey conducted by Yougov on behalf of Unicef.

Mandeltraditionen can be traced back to the 1500-century French aristocracy, where you to the epiphany popped a bean in festkagen. The one who got the bean porno was king for a night and was allowed to determine.

The first present, we know – and the most classic – is, however, marcipangrisen.

perhaps due to the pig at the time was an important part of the diet and julespiseriet.

In recent years it has also become fashionable to donate to charity instead of the classic marcipangris.

Unicef, which stands behind the study, is one of the organizations, you can choose to support. They have created a new mandelgave├Žske, where the winner helps distressed children in the world.