As the newly appointed minister was Jakob Ellemann-Jensen a bit tense, when he would inaugurate a national park Kongernes Nordsjælland, along with none other than queen Margrethe.

During a karettur tried Ellemann to get a conversation started with the Queen – but it didn’t go quite as he had hoped.

The newly minted environment and food tried to break the ice by commenting on how beautiful it was to go ashore between bøgetræerne after the trip over the Esrum Lake.

the Queen’s answer was short, cash and, according to Ellemann ‘completely dry’:

“It is the oaks.”

In the ‘Year in the Royal family’, as the DR1 sends the Saturday night, telling the then minister and the current Left-president on the incident – which actually ended up getting something good out of.

“But it was a good icebreaker to start kvaje something so blatant. So it slid easier from there,” says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen in the program.

It was during the inauguration of the national Park Kongernes Nordsjælland at Esrum Kloster & Møllegård on the 29. may 2018, he exhibited his lack of knowledge about the Danish flora, opposite her majesty.

After the Queen’s friendly, but cash the rebuke, apologized Ellemann-Jensen, that he, as a new minister had not possessed the great knowledge of the Danish trees.

They agreed never to mention the matter again.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen lost ministerposten, when the Social democrats took over the government after the elections. Shortly after he was elected the new president of the Left, where he replaced Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

You can see the ‘Year in the Royal family on DR1 on Saturday night. 20.30.