11 million public dollars is too much to pay to ensure the four cirkuselefanters retirement.

It takes the Liberal party’s president, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, who during his time as environment and food have long fought to have solved the case with the four elephants that come in profits because of a ban on wild animals in the circus.

It writes Politiken.

– It is completely out of proportion. It is four animals, we are talking about, says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

He emphasizes that he has every sympathy for the four elephants to be treated properly.

– It is some poor animals and some lovely animals. But it is good enough in many other animals, also. I think it is a lot of money, he says.

In the so-called Gencobahis dyrevelfærdspulje is allocated nine million dollars, of which 2.4 million will come from revenue fa Landbrugslotteriet. The remaining money has been allocated in the budget for 2019.

Through the winter and spring months was Jakob Ellemann-Jensen as the environment and food in open war with the Circus Arena on the pricing of the elephants, as the Arena had three of.

On the Danish people’s party, the initiative was on the finance for the 2019 allocated seven million dollars for the purchase of the combined four elephants.

According to a correspondence between the Circus Arena and the Environment and Food, as Politiken is in possession of, argued the Circus Arena in the spring of that lovindgrebet would mean a total loss of 39,8 million dollars over the next five years.

In an email to the ministry dated 8. march wrote turnéchef Klaus Jochumsen, that after the Circus Arenas of perception “were to be found 9.5 million dollars more to get things to fall into place”.

After a bidding round, are the elephants have been handed over, free of charge, from the state to the Knuthenborg safari park, which is to build a large elefantanlæg.