the Police and dykkertjenesten in north Jutland, has Thursday been present at the harbour in Nørresundby.

Here, they have been looking for a 19-year-old man who has been missing for several weeks.

It informs vagtchef by The Police Torben Larsen B. T.

He also says that today’s investigation in the port did not give any result.

The 19-year-old man, called Nikolaos Isidoros Theodoridis and comes from Greece, was called for publicly Wednesday.

This, after his family has not heard from him since 26. november, where he arrived to Denmark.

Since he did not, as planned, returned home by plane 2. december, struck the family alarm.

Nikolaos Isidoros Theodoridis is described as being 170 centimeters tall and thin building. His hair is brown, and the same are his eyes.

He was when he left Aalborg Airport at the end of november, wearing a light jacket, dark shirt with bright print on the chest, black pants and dark shoes. He brought with him also a dark backpack.

The Police hope that the public call can result in that the young man is found.

“Therefore, we would very much like to hear from citizens who have seen the young man or have other information about where he may be. His family is very concerned for him,” said police commissioner Kenneth Rodam Wednesday.

you Have information in the case, sounds the call to contact the police on 114.