Denmark goes from a 15.-space for a 5.-space on klimaindeks who notice the improvement in climate policy.

After some years with slightly lower rankings put Denmark in the top of the field in a klimaindeks, published Tuesday in connection with the climate meeting COP25.

It is klimaorganisationen Germanwatch and the NewClimate Institute, which is behind the klimaindekset.

It looks among other things, on how countries are performing in relation to the treaty of paris, which has for goal to keep the global temperature increase below two degrees compared to the førindustrielt level.

the Index gives Denmark a fifth place finish, while Sweden performs best with a fourth place. Last year Denmark had a 15.-space, while it was a 17.-space in 2017.

First-, second -, and third-are not awarded, as none of the 57 countries on the list are doing well enough to live up to the treaty of paris on all parameters.

the Countries assessed within four categories: greenhouse gas, renewable energy, energy consumption and climate policy.

It is particularly in the field of climate policy, Denmark has been improved according to the index, which is ranked on the basis of the opinions of experts from ngos and think-tanks from the respective countries.

Seen on climate policy, Denmark 24 seats up to 9.-and have in this category a “high” ranking.

the Experts mentions, among other things, the new klimalov, which has a goal to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by 70 percent in 2030 compared with the level in 1990.

According to the index, Denmark has shown minor improvements in emissions of greenhouse gases and renewable energy, which has a “high” assessment. The same applies to energy consumption, where Denmark gets a “medium” ranking.

environment minister Dan Jørgensen is proud of the fact that Denmark turns out in a positive manner on the list.

– It is I as incredibly happy and proud, because when we are pursuing so ambitious a policy, as we do in Denmark, because it is not at least a desire to be a green pioneer, he says.

He acknowledges, however, that klimaloven is only the first step:

– It is clear that we increasingly need to look to adopt different instruments, which makes that we can live up to the goals we have set for ourselves.

Maria Reumert Gjerding, president of the Danish society for nature conservation, believes that there is a huge positive that Denmark is in the top, but she bites also notice that no country is good enough to toptre.

– It is worrying in the statement is that no country is there yet. All countries must provide more than they do today. Exactly why is there so much need for that there are some countries who take on the role as pioneers, who can inspire others, she says.

It goes for most of the countries are moving forward, but some countries also give cause for concern, according to the index.

– Australia, Saudi Arabia and especially the UNITED states gives cause for great concern, with their low to very low effort in the greenhouse and in the field of development of renewable energy as well as climate policy, says in a press release from the organizations behind the index.