Up to christmas, among other things, the gray skies, sunny days with rain, sleet and perhaps snow showers in store, informs DMI.

DMI on Tuesday afternoon sent its forecast off for the month of december.

And according to the weather service gets decembervejret a good mix of warm gråvejrsdage, cold sunny days with rain, sleet or perhaps snow.

in Addition, some windy days with a good westerly wind and the passage of a rainstorm with the subsequent investigation.

In the beginning of december expected changeable weather, and this is due to, among other things, the tropical storm with the name Sebastian, who comes up and teases vejrbilledet from this weekend, writes DMI.

the Forecast describes the expected weather from 2. december to 22. december. Previously, DMI has, however, in its forecast for the entire season stating that Matbet we can hardly look forward to a white christmas.

– If we are to succeed with the nationwide white christmas, which requires that 90 percent of the country is covered by at least 0.5 centimeters of snow 16 o’clock on christmas eve, then a kuldefrembrud with nationwide snowfall hit the country, up to the 24.

Рthe Chance of this is, however, quite small, says the sæsonprognosen, there is sent out a week ago.

The first week of december from the 2. to the 8. expected to be first cold, then warm, and later again cold. There will be generally cloudy and windy with rain and showers with the risk of “a little vinterligt” weather, sounds from the DMI. The sun comes in short periods of time. The week turns to the wet side for the season.

the Week after is going to remind you the week before, but perhaps unless the fluctuations, says.

Shortly before christmas – the week from 16. 22. december – expected the weather to be more unstable, wet and windy.

– It will, therefore, probably mostly cloudy with rain or showers in periods and only a little sun in between, write the DMI.