You must buy cheap and sell expensive, if success is to be achieved in the business Queenbet world.

Maybe it’s that which has inspired the family Gjørup to make their investment in a company that has made losses over the past nine years.

the Family went bankrupt with the Top-Toy group between christmas and new year last year. Top-Toy was the parent company of the Cousin of BR.

But now they are ready to invest again, and this time they go into juicevirksomheden Seimei. It writes the stock Exchange.

Peter and Susanne Gjørup have decided to buy a third of the company.

the Majority of the company belongs to, however, still Allan Feldt, who is known as vandmillionær with the company Aqua d’or, but the pair enter into Seimeis board of directors, and Susanne Gjørup becomes president.

‘The philosophy that is the basis for Seimei, and the set of values, as Allan Feldt operates its business under, is totally in line with our values. Wish-the products are sustainable and have a high quality, and we are seeing a large growth potential, both in Denmark and abroad,’ it sounds in a fællesudtalelse from Susanne and Peter Gjørup.

Seimei has since 2010 had a deficit of over 50 million dollars.