Blue parties will force the government to continue to exempt electric cars and waiting for support from the supporting parties.

the Left, The Conservatives, Liberal Alliance and the Danish people’s Party will try to ensure that electric cars do not become more expensive after 2020. It is otherwise laid up to.

With a motion hoping the parties in the blue block to instruct the government to delay the phasing in of the registration fee for electric cars by one year. It will say up to and including 2021.

– car dealers have already begun to look at the cars, they must buy fremmedrettet. It is important, therefore, that we do not create continuing confusions and uncertainty about electric cars, says the Liberal party klimaordfører, Thomas Danielsen.

The current rules are such that, in 2019 and 2020 will not must pay the registration fee, if the electric car costs under 400.000 kroner.

Then phased in as the tax incrementally, so that buyers of electric cars pay full tax from 2023. It has the socialist government did not put up to change.

this is despite The fact that the government’s supporting parties have said that they want to continue the tax exemption, until there Betcup is found a long term solution.

Thomas Danielsen, therefore, envisages that the støttepartierne can join the resolution. Thus there is formed a majority without the government.

– We know that støttepartierne – like us – want to keep the charges quiet. Therefore we come them true to the rescue, because they can be with to oblige the government to implement tax incentives, up to and including 2021, from which we would like to have a long-term solution, he says.

Left, Danish people’s Party, the Conservatives and The Liberal Alliance proposes that the money for exemption for electric cars to under 400.000 crowns in 2021 is in negotiations on a klimahandlingsplan. The negotiations are taking place this spring.

the Parties estimate that it will cost between 320 and 370 million kroner to continue the tax exemption in 2021.

– It is some money to be financed in a klimahandlingsplan or on a budget. And you have to say in relation to the commitment we have put in to get rescheduled several fossil cars to green cars, so it’s pennies, ” says Thomas Danielsen.

The previous government, in February Transportkommissionen. The need to come up with recommendations for the green conversion of passenger cars.

the Commission’s work must be finished in 2020, but the current government and støttepartierne agree to examine, on deadline can be moved forward.