There was swelling of the hands and wild cheers, as the Norwegian billionaire Petter Stordalen in October announced that he had bought the Spies and its sister companies Ving and Tjäreborg.

But it is not all folded in his hands and eased on the hat of milliardærens purchase.

the Director of the rejsekonkurrenten Apollo, Leif Vesle Larsen, is this: now in the flesh at Petter Stordalen and the way he secured himself ownership in one of the nordic region’s largest travel companies.

It writes the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

“the Manner in which Ving was purchased in, gives a bad taste in the mouth,” says Leif Vesle Larsen to the Swedish media, but he incidentally comes in on what Petter Stordalen has done wrong.

Apollo-the director tells, in fact, that Apollo himself was interested in putting a bid in on the Spies of the empire, but never got the opportunity.

He claims that several weeks before Petter Stordalens advertising 30. October search option to acquire Ving, Spies and Tjäreborg.

But the head of communications in The Nordic region will provide to the Norwegian version of the stock Exchange, that there is nothing on the matter.

“All the 26, who showed an interest in Ving North, was given the same prerequisites in the process. The time frame was the same, and no one was denied the right to participate,” says communications manager Fredrik Henriksson.

Petter Stordalen has not wanted to respond to the criticism, writes the stock

During the press conference, where he announced his purchase of the tourism operators, he was, in turn, does not hesitate to use many and big words.

“Ving did everything right, Thomas Cook did everything wrong. Ving must in the future be the best travel company,” said Petter Stordalen, among others at the press conference, who can safely be called untraditional with the charismatic Norwegian, which was met with applause afterwards.