“Where is there an adult?”

So asked, thousands of danes, as the Friday afternoon walked from the town hall square to Christiansborg to shout the politicians up.

There must be minimumsnormeringer, and it must be now, was the message conveyed, as between 5000 and 7000 expressed during the protestmarchen.

Both parents, grandparents, educators and them, it’s all about – the children – were wearing yellow t-shirts and vests, while the slangede through the streets of copenhagen with balloons and banners in their hands.

“What will we have? Several adults! When will we have them? Now!” was one of the many chants which they sang on their route towards the Palace.

Precisely here is minimumsnormeringer currently on the agenda. There is a consensus that they should be imposed. But when?

Mette Frederiksen and her government is working with a plan that will ensure minimumsnormeringer and thus more educators in the institutions. However, first fully implemented in 2025.

But it is not good enough, it was felt by the attendees.

“We need to act urgently. We are already far below the threshold of pain,” said Marie Blønd, who is the spokesperson for forældrebevægelsen #Hvorerderenvoksen?, which organized Friday’s march.

She believes that it is time that the politicians screws up the ambitions.

“It is our smallest citizens. The foundation of our welfare society. It is our future,” she said, and continued:

“If they don’t get the adult contact that they are entitled to, what is it then, for some members of the community, we get? It is up to them to take care of us when we are older.”

the Attendance testified that there is support for forældrebevægelsen. It also got support from those who daily take care of the children.

“There are too few educators and too many children who don’t get it, they need to İmajbet have. It is a common struggle that parents have with the teachers,” said Rikke Hunsdahl, who is the president of BUPL Fyn.

Teachers ‘ union BUPL had Friday riots the members who had the desire to participate in the march.

And they were many. For they have something at stake.

“We have a lot of worn-out educators. They go down with the flag and don’t feel the beats in everyday life.”

And there is nothing to say to, if they feel that way, it sounded from Denise Kristensen.

She is one of the parents, who on Friday went with in protestmarchen. With her she had her two daughters – both in institutionsalderen and granny Bente Walther.

“I have seen the teachers’ pressed everyday. When I’ve delivered, I’ve seen them run around and tried to do their best. But I have also seen the children who can not be reached, because there are not hands enough,” she said, and continued:

“the Educators can’t do it. We have had enough, and now we come to fight,” she said.

Granny Bente Walther backed up:

“I am furious at the politicians and especially Mette Frederiksen. The children’s minister. Ho ho ho, you have to say. They are indifferent,” she said, and added that she supports the parents ‘ fight to the full:

“the Children is the most important thing we have, and it is no use, that they are not being looked after insanely well, while the parents earn money for the state.”