used cars-there are bargains to be rare. Often fraud is behind a particularly favourable Offer. The police Bureau in Cologne on the occasion of rising cases. The police advises to be in a supposed bargain suspicious. No salesman sold the car value. In the case of the “bargains” are for the most stolen vehicles. The included papers are from slumps in registration.

Always the same procedure

The mesh, according to Cologne police, again and again, in a similar way. On the Internet, a vehicle is offered at a price that is well below comparable vehicles. Interested parties know that the car is still available, however, not, as in the Advertisement stated, near the home of the buyer, but far away. The idea behind it is from the point of view of the scammers simply: Who takes a long journey is in the destination unfocused and would also have made it all this way for nothing. It is, therefore, more willing to compromise.

the district of Cloppenburg, A car dealer experienced when looking in the vehicle registration certificate a Surprise.

alarm bells should warn shrill

The police from further approaches to the fraudsters. So, it is often a delay in the agreed-upon inspection of the vehicle, and takes place in the dark, on a road. Used car buyers should be now suspicious. A survey should always be carried out during the day, at the place of residence of the seller. At best we are assured that the Name of the seller on the Doorbell is below the specified address. Meeting points and time can be changed in the short term, this may be a Scam indicate. 15.000 Euro per year, save: experts reveal how they create the glomex can save € 15,000 per year: experts reveal how to create the

documents can control

it is Also important to get the ID of the provider. The image in the card actually fits the look of the provider? Often from the Bag thefts gained cards to be used for sales. You should also see the admission papers carefully. Spelling error in official documents to indicate a forgery. On the registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document) is printed also on the back of the issuing authority already. If this does not match with the authority, on the front, is a fake. You have a doubt, announces to the telephone of the car to the police. Usually, the sale will be completed by negotiations directly.

by the Way: anyone Who buys a stolen vehicle, acquires it, under section 935 of the BGB, no property. Money and car are gone. Masked go to the camera team of Sat.1 los FOCUS Online/Glomex Masked to go to the camera team of Sat.1 los