One of the largest banks in denmark are now warning of a trend, where fraudsters go specifically for recent widows.

Several banks in Denmark, has recently experienced, that scammers have started targeting widows.

One of the banks is Nordea, which, within the most recent month’s time has seen, that a small number of customers have been the victims of fraud.

Common to customers is that either they are recent widows or widowers.

According to Nordea happens fraud by criminals calling and pretending to be, for example, by the probate court.

the Scammers telling that they will make sure to pay out the money from the estate, but that they need the victim’s CPR number and NemID passwords.

Then, log in on the client’s online banking and transfers in the following minutes money from client’s accounts to a foreign account from which the money is quickly being raised in the atms of the accomplices, who are ready and waiting.

This trick is one of the most cynical I have seen.

– To go after people when they are at their most vulnerable, is, quite simply, heartless.

– that is Why we are now out and warns against the fraud, says Mads Skovlund Pedersen, the bank manager in Nordea with responsibility for retail customers.

the Fraudsters will find, for example, their victims through dødsannoncer or specific pages on the web that gathers lists of recently deceased.

Also Sydbank has, within the past month experienced a few cases of this type of fraud.

the Danske Bank experienced a few cases in november, but have not registered more cases since.

At the Danish Courts could recently tell, that you here also have heard about several situations where the scammers have phoned to relatives of the recently deceased and released to be from the Probate court.

It was the Danish Courts, like the Probate court fall under, to come with a warning:

– the Probate court asks you never to disclose your personal passwords or NemID.

– If you are in doubt, call the court and ask for the inquiry.

– never give out your personline information over the phone, in emails, on sms or on social media, it sounded from the Danish Courts.

From Nordea reads one of the recommendations, that if you suspect you have been exposed for the fraud that you then immediately contacts his bank.

the Bank calls in addition to share the warning with, for example, parents or grandparents, who may be potential targets for the fraudsters.