“No need to threaten us to change the tight immigration policy, as a broad majority, both in population and in the Danish Parliament stand behind.”

this was the clear message from the S-president ms Mette Frederiksen during a debate with Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) in Aabenraa, halfway into the election campaign.

It is impossible that the Social democrats after the next general election to form a government, which make reductions in immigration policy, she stated 9. april after with the debate with then-prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) in folketingssalen.

“I come not to, and I would like to turn again to form a government, which softens on immigration policy. We have made very clear,” said Mette Frederiksen.

“If you try to push me to ease immigration policy, I would rather help to form the government,” elaborated Mette Frederiksen, of B. T.

But a is the promises before the election.

Something else is actually policy after the election.

Before the government had been sitting in 100 days, had changed his tune got a completely different sound. That he had Mette Frederiksen has been set up to to relax the immigration policy 11 times.

“It is noteworthy that the government has been so busy with making all of these reductions. In other areas – f.ex. pension – we still await in excitement, but when it comes to easing of immigration policy, the government is extremely busy,” says The Conservative udlændingeordfører, former minister of trade Rasmus Jarlov.

“There is no doubt that the Social pressure of the party, and The Radical. But they can always come over to the us civil, if they want to preserve the tight immigration policy. There is a solid majority, who would like to help them with it, so it amazes me that Mette Frederiksen, let the left determine,” continues Rasmus Jarlov.

the Danish people’s party chairman, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, is not in doubt that it has become much easier to be a refugee or an asylum seeker in Denmark, the ago’s government got into power. And he accuses Mette Frederiksen for backtracking:

“Mette Frederiksen, said before the election that there will not be amended on the tight immigration policy. She also said that there would only be changes in immigration policy, if at least a bourgeois party were with. She seemed to understand that there was talk about the Left or the DF. She reassured the danes with, that there would be reductions based on the red block alone. The promise she has clearly broken,” says Kristian Thulesen Dahl.

the Refugees with children get more money, and they should not return to their home countries, if they have work. On Sjælsmark they should be able to eat in the rooms, Lindholm, island for criminals expelled foreigners, are dropped, and opholdskravet for unemployment benefits must be rolled back.

“the Government has been busy easing the rules. If they continue in the same manner throughout the parliamentary term, so they will have eased 136 times – three times as much, as Helle Thorning-Schmidt reached in 2011-15. Many danes had a completely different picture of how Fredrickson would act as prime minister. She said that she would lead the same tight immigration policy as the rest of us.”

“most of them, who moved their vote at the last election, voted not to get a second policy, but in order to get the led of the some other. It is playing to the gallery. She is tough outwardly, but inwardly as sitting ministers and relaxes the rules,” says Kristian Thulesen Dahl.

the Liberal party indfødsretsordfører, Morten Dahlin, agrees:

“Mette Frederiksen, is doing the exact opposite of what she promised the voters before the election. It is a pity for democracy that she does not, she Forvetbet is chosen for. It is also expensive for Denmark to raise benefits for unemployed refugees and immigrants. There are several who will want to come here, and fewer refugees will want to return home,” he says.

“Mette Frederiksen, thought may, what she said, but she has come in the clutches of The Radical and Unity, which has required reductions in return for making her prime minister. The social democrats are not the same batch in speech and action. They say that it should be strengthened, but each time they have the opportunity for it, they sit in a room with The Radicals and Unity and compromise,” says Morten Dahlin.

New Borgerliges president, Pernille Vermund, is skeptical of both Mette Frederiksen and the Liberal party immigration policy:

“so far only two of the proposals in the treatment. The Mint act from last week and higher benefits was førstebehandlet yesterday. There we will activate the section 42 of the constitution, where the law can be put to a referendum, if 60 mps sign it. But it will the Left not be,” she says.

“Left, speaks with two tongues. They will anyway not be to curb it, even if they are against it. The politicians in the Danish Parliament does not solve the problems. They run it up in the media, but when it comes to the crunch, they will not do what it needs to,” says Pernille Vermund.

There is no easing of the immigration law. This is the sound of the answer from the Socialists udlændingeordfører, Rasmus Stoklund.

“I don’t recognise that the immigration laws have been eased 11 times. Some of the examples you have sent me, is a little shrill. F. ex. Mint-case, In himself has written about in the B. T.,” he says.

Families get more money?

“It is social policy. It is true enough that families with non-western background are overrepresented in the group to receive a temporary supplement. But we have said all the time that, also in the election campaign.”

So has dropped Lindholm. Is it a relaxation?

“It costs a million. on the year to accommodate a rejected criminal asylum seeker in a way. It costs a third to have them on the Kærshovedgård. It is also too much. They should not be here. We just wanted a cheaper solution.”

the paradigm shift is to be rolled back, so as not to be sent home, if there is quiet in one’s home country, if you are in work?

“It is a erhvervsordning. Companies lack the manpower, and they were smoking back when they no longer have work. I’m not so concerned about those who have bitten themselves on the labour market in two years. They’ll probably be a win for us.”

All the bourgeois parties call it easing and accuse Mette Frederiksen for backtracking?

“We have been open about it the whole also in the election campaign. We have been open about ydelseskommissionen. We also try to make life difficult for the ICE warriors. It is a tightening. It has also been harder to get permanent residence. I have no ambition, that there must be more to this. We want to use the resources in regions of origin,” says Rasmus Stoklund.

Integration minister Mattias Tesfaye (S) have been too busy to participate in the article.