For Augsburg and Cologne will be there on Sunday night exciting: In the SGL Arena, the two teams play in front of empty stands, in order to secure their place in the table center. The distance to the relegation spots for the FC Augsburg, just four points – a win would do the augsburgers well. Otherwise the game is a real cellar duel. Finally, the chances for Augsburg were also not bad, since the Cologne’s Top had injured striker Cordoba and Uth. Now you will be in Augsburg, but well be back on the court and the augsburgers difficult to make.

Augsburg – Köln Live Stream see – here’s how:

The game between FC Augsburg and 1. FC Cologne to see you on Sunday evening at 18.00 live from the SGL Arena in Augsburg, Germany. The broadcaster, Sky will show the game exclusively.

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Augsburg have won this year only three games

FC Augsburg and 1. FC Köln are dangerously close to the table. Against the Leipzig of the 1 has. FCK proven to be a solid leader on the court, had to give in, but the Red bulls hit. Hope the Köllner is a goal-hunter, of Cordoba, of the Leipzig in the last game with an early goal in the 7. Minute of the game has totally surprised. Because Cordoba is supposed to build now, after all of the FCK has been able to retract already five games in a row without a win. Also, the balance sheet of Augsburg is poor: In this year, they have won only three games and lost last against Hertha BSC 2:0. The long-awaited fourth win coming against Cologne?

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