Thisted Bryghus gives the old brewery to the fund, which will transform it into a national center for beer brewing.

Thisted Bryghus inaugurate on Saturday a new 550 square meters large brewery, and that is why the brewery’s old building from 1899, now stand empty.

But not long, for the brewery has donated the building in Thisted to a fund to transform it into a national centre for the knowledge and experiences of the Danish bryggekultur.

Thisted Bryghus hope that the few people collected the beer in the city.

The hills Bryggeriforeningen greatly up on, tells Bryggeriforeningens managing director Niels Hald.

– We believe of course that it is a really good idea. There are various opportunities around the country to see breweries, and the story itself, but it is new, to establish a center where we get knowledge and experiences about the Danish bryggekultur.

– Which will among other things be a lab. You can taste the raw materials, and there is of course the ability to brew themselves, says Niels Hald.

Bryggeriforeningen items not money in the project, but Niels Hald says that the fund, which has been the brewery, is currently seeking funding and partners.

He bet on, that the centre, which will be named Bryggekulturens House, is ready for inauguration in 2022.

Among other things, is to hope that the Municipality of Thisted will support the project, aiming to bring danes from all over the country to Thisted to brew and taste beer.

Niels Hald emphasises also that the danes are very fond of beer. There are over 200 breweries in Denmark, and according to the director, Denmark is the country in Europe that has the most breweries per capita.

It is the culture that Bryggeriforeningen hope that the new centre can highlight.

– We think, that we in Denmark have a unique industry. Historically, it is a central profession, and it lies deep among the danes. It is a Danish product.

– We also have the world’s third largest brewery with Carlsberg. We have something unique, and it is the history that must be presented, says Niels Hald.