“I know You. What are you looking in? A suck? A player? I have a place in Aarhus, where we can be in peace.”

Thus was an 83-year-old man, according to the indictment have said, when he in september last year, turned to a road at a rest area in Skanderborg.

he refused, according to the Aarhus Stiftstidende, who have covered the case, that the words ever came from his mouth.

But the judge, and the magistrates were convinced, after having heard both his and vejarbejderens explanations in court.

Vejarbejderen, which is in the beginning of the 20’s, explained that he was pulled into rastepladsen to take a toiletpause from something autov√¶rnsarbejde on the E45.

Before he left the rastepladsen, called his sister, and it was here that the 83-year-old took the contact.

The victim thought that he would Sultanbet ask for directions. Instead, it was vejarbejderen subjected to indecent exposure. He drove away and contacted the police.

The 83-year-old refused to have spoken the aforementioned words and explained in court that he had asked about the man in the 20’s ‘went and experienced something exciting’.

He thought at first that the two knew each other, but when it dawned on him that this was not the case, apologized he, according to his explanation, and went out.

at the Time, he had been questioned by the police, he had explained that rastepladsen Fuglsang was known as a place where men could meet other men and have sex.

Something he himself had used in the past. This explanation, he couldn’t remember during the trial and explained that he was only come for eating packed lunches and drinking coffee.

He and his defense attorney will now study the judgment before deciding whether to appeal.