These complaints continue to come in. Two months after the huge recall of frozen pizzas in the Fraich’up range on Friday March 18, and Bella Napoli range on Thursday May 5, because of Escherichia coli bacteria found in the dough, the complaints keep coming. RTL reports that seven new complaints will be filed by the Paris court on Friday, May 27. These are in addition the 15 cases against Nestle’s Italian brand.

Richard Legrand, Richard’s lawyer, said that the food poisonings had “unfortunately turned their lives upside-down.” Permanent medical monitoring is available. A lawyer stated that many parents needed to “review” their professional careers.

After several cases of Escherichiacoli contamination, including those involving frozen pizzas Buitoni indicated as being involved in, an investigation was opened for “manslaughter”, deception and “endangering other” on April 1. The Paris prosecutor’s Office. Since March 22, this investigation has been ongoing by the Paris prosecutor’s public health center (PSP).