The Early Childhood and Primary Education School (CEIP) ‘Guillermo Plaza’ in Yuncos has received this Friday the visit of the Service of Attention and Coordination of Emergencies and Emergencies 112 of Castilla-La Mancha, an agency dependent on the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, in order to teach the schoolchildren of this center the operation and usefulness of the single emergency telephone number.

Among the activities programmed during the visit, the students of the third cycle of Primary Education have been able to enjoy some explanatory talks on the proper use of the Single Emergency Telephone 112, offered by the service workers.

In these talks, in which some 140 5th and 6th year students have participated, they are informed of the situations in which they must call 112, the information they must provide, how they can help the operators of the center to locate and classify incidents and also avoid prank or malicious calls.

All this, hand in hand with the service personnel themselves who, in an entertaining and fun way, adapt the message to the little ones.

But the star of the visit, due to its size and color, continues to be the coordination vehicle, which has a great technological display to deal with the different situations that arise in an emergency. Inside the truck itself, the students have been able to learn all the communication skills that technicians can carry out when they are displaced at the scene of the incident and have enjoyed some of its functions.

In this sense, the more than 500 students of the public school have learned the ins and outs of the coordination truck that, in extraordinary emergencies, can act as an Advanced Command Post (PMA) for the intervention agencies.

The visit was attended, in addition to the 112 staff, by the general director of Citizen Protection, Emilio Puig; the provincial delegate for Finance and Public Administrations, María de los Ángeles García, and the mayor of Yuncos, María José Gallego, accompanied by members of the municipal government.